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Please enjoy this 7 minute, very diverse video. It's designed to show the diversity of musical styles Synergy has mastered to please all ages and musical tastes for parties with diverse crowds. It's classy, top tier, super fun energy, and very well rehearsed so your guests will be blown away!


Dick Whitbeck's resume is literally unmatched with his accomplishments, production ideas, and professionalism. ("The Real Band formerly The Rupert's Orchestra)" from the creator of every Rupert's show and producer of all 3 Rupert's Nightclubs across the U.S., Vice President of Ruperts, started the tribute show trend in the 1980's, produced the original Jackson's Tribute Tribute, Aretha Franklin Tribute, 60's Tribute, Natalie Cole Tribute, Motown Tribute, Beach Music Tribute, and others,and hired every singer & musician Rupert's ever had.)

We are formerly "The Rupert's Orchestra."

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