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What makes Synergy different from every other band and why are we hired for consistent, repeated clients of weddings

and corporate events for so many years?

Synergy is the most successful and multi award winning 'Best of Minnesota" band in Minnesota history.  Synergy's reliability and professionalism are proven top tier, aiming to please clients of all ages, from all walks of life, whether it be a wedding reception, a birthday, anniversary, holiday party, or a corporate event.

We are an elite band made up of unmatched resumes individually, and collectively as a band, with kind hearts that know how to entertain on the highest level with an electric party energy.  The variety of music impresses all ages.



Created by the legendary Dick Whitbeck, now with Jana Anderson as their leader, this band has won more than a dozen "Best of" for "Minnesota Bride Magazine" and "Minnesota Business Monthly Magazine". 

If you happen to enjoy telling your friends, family or colleagues how successful Synergy and it's individual members are,

please read on. 

Some details that make us different from any other band?

We have decades together so it's a well rehearsed band. What else?


Mary Jane Alm and Gwen Matthews are both "Minnesota Music Hall of Fame" inductees, and Jana Anderson has toured with Fleetwood Mac, Don Henley, recorded with Prince and many others. The two male singers are the best soul, rock, funk, any style singers in the country and all singers and musicians are well versed in all styles as Synergy plays the BEST VARIETY OF MUSIC.


The musicians are highly accomplished as well including recording with Beyonce, Janet Jackson and other legends, many are college level music professors, who just happen to rock as well. One by one, we are bar none, THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED BAND IN THE STATE OF MINNESOTA. Our joy playing together is apparent and it all comes together to create the best "Synergy" anywhere for any event.

We will "bring it and you will love it!"

Synergy is not a thrown together sub band where the promo you get doesn't match who shows up. We are a close family type band of dear friends.

We will design the music for the night that suits your reception or event because we have 500 hundred plus songs to choose from.

Most people recognize we are well rehearsed and total pro's and are tight in our harmonies and musical arrangements. 

We have had the great fortune to play around the world including, Hong Kong, Bermuda, The Bahamas, New York, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, several casinos, and are proudest because we are usually asked back for corporate events year after year. There are several parents who have hired us for all 3 of their daughter's weddings. That's how we roll.

Please people and get asked back. 

We love our jobs, our band, and seeing you all have the best night of your life.

We hope to see you soon.


Contact for bookings:

Jana Anderson

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