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Jana Anderson Music/Bands

Jana Anderson's Career Highlights


Welcome to my home page. I've spent my career I love as a lead and background singer. People know me from my 7 years of touring with Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks, 7 years with Don Henley, 5 years with Prince in the recording studio, singing a duet with Eddie Money, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Sheena Easton (who recorded a song I co-wrote with Brian Mann), The Time, Jewel, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Celine Dion, and many others. 

What I'm super excited about in my life now are the bands and shows I'm in that play at wonderful theaters and supper clubs. One is called "I Honestly Love You", a Tribute to the hits of Olivia Newton-John & Anne Murray that I produce. Another tribute show produced by Deb Brown is called "River" and that's a tribute to Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon. I'm in a band that's won 20 "Best of" Minnesota Awards called "Synergy" created by the legendary Dick Whitbeck, and as of now, that baton has been handed to me by Dick and Jackie Whitbeck and I am now the leader of "Synergy".


I  have pages for each of these shows on this website.

Below you will find several photos of my career with many stars & many shows, including Stevie Nicks, touring with Fleetwood Mac, Synergy, and many more including TV shows like "The Tonight Show", "The View", "Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and many more highlights.

I also have 2 solo CD's. One is a jazz standards CD and one is a country/rock CD on iTunes, Spotify and CDBaby.


I've done dozens of commercials for companies that include, Target, Pepsi, Polaris, Edina Realty, Cost Cutters, news TV and many others. 

I've had the joy of being on The Tonight Show a few times, The View, The Today Show a couple times, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Soul Train, Minnesota Live, Good Company, Regis and Kathie Lee, Twin Cities Live, and many others. I've enjoyed being interviewed a couple times by Lori and Julia from 107.1 My Talk Radio, being on the panel for The Great Love Debate, A Podcast with Tara B. called "The Engaging Voice",  and many other great podcasts, some where I'm interviewed about my 5 years recording with Prince. He also wrote a song with my name in the title called, "Jana Jade's Army". 

People may not know that I've worked behind the scenes on movies as well, doing many jobs, including being documenting photographer, catering, wardrobe, and artistic scene creations.

I'm a strong family and friend woman and proud of my Christian faith as a pastor's daughter, even though I've been a rocker for many years. Being a good person is very important to me and love is everything. I have great respect for all people and their beliefs. 

I have several videos on You Tube if you look up my name, "Jana Anderson". I also have many as a backup singer with Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. You can find me on You Tube if you search Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks from their DVD's, TV shows and recordings from 2003-2010

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