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Jana is also a vocal coach teaching voice lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday to ages ranging from 7 to 77 years old.

The school is called "Performance Music Lessons" in Coon Rapids, MN.


Jana specializes in teaching students to safely sing more like their favorite artists, teaching vocal and breathing techniques, vocal warm ups, growing the vocal range, breaking down and teaching the fancy add lib stuff choirs and classical lessons don't usually teach, and bringing out the best in students and instilling real confidence through fun and education on how to be the best singer and performer someone can be as a professionally paid artist or for the joy of being better because it's always been a personal dream for someone.


There is currently a waiting list for lessons, but students can be put on the list for the next time slot opening by emailing Jana Anderson at with the subject being "Vocal Lessons".


Jana currently performs at top places every month in most musical styles, giving her authentic experience in teaching most styles. She loves teaching, and watching students grow is a true joy!

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